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“We proudly present American CDL Driver Training LLC.”

Located in Tucson, Arizona, we are a driving school that will teach you how to drive a truck. Whether you have a hobby you want to pursue with trucks, or your job requires a truck driving license, our teachers and instructors will help you obtain your qualification.


Since the establishment of our truck driving school in 2010, American CDL Driver Training has helped many people achieve the qualification they needed. American CDL Driver Training, LLC is fully licensed and insured, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. As soon as you are prepared, we will teach you how to be a truck driver. Below, are listed a few of the truck categories we can teach you:

- Class A CDL               – Forklift Training
- Class B CDL                - And more!
- Transit Coach           READ MORE


American CDL Driver Training LLC is not your regular Tucson AZ trucking school. Besides truck driving, we provide a variety of disciplines which are mandatory for some job positions. From trucks and forklifts, to first aid courses – we can teach you all. Our school will provide you with the driver training you need, and make you into the professional you want to become. Trucks are vehicles which are not easy to master – their size makes them a force not to be trifled with. One must have a high level of concentration, in order to properly operate machines of admirable scale.


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Quality Instruction At An Affordable Cost

We are renowned for our devotion towards our students, and this is why almost everybody we teach becomes an accomplished specialist in the field. Some people say that taking truck driving courses is nothing more than just a formality, but a real driver knows that is not so. There are many factors which apply in specific situations, and the difference between knowing and not knowing them can play a vital part in the condition of the cargo you’re hauling. Our school will teach you how to be a real driver. All courses and services delivered by our trucking school come at low-cost and affordable rates. You don’t have to worry about your check book.

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Thanks to everyone at American CDL Driver Training LLC for doing what they said they would. I go great training and now I make $1000 every week and I’ve only been driving for three months. Your school is the best… – Edwin

I would like to thank Bob and Karl for putting up with my questions and concerns during training. I am now driving a Big Rig with Roehl and loving my job. Thanks Guys… – Steve


American CDL Driver Training, LLC School

Truck Driver Training is southwest tucson arizona premier CDL truck driver training institute to get your commercial drivers license, CDL, and be guaranteed a truck driver position with lifetime job assistance.

American CDL Truck Training School can help you obtain your Class A CDL or Class B CDL so you can drive a Tanker, Hazardous Materials Doubles and Triples, Passenger Bus, School Bus and more!

CDL Training School

About American CDL Driver Training, LLC in Tucson, AZ

Veteran owned and Operated we are the Southwest and Arizona Premier CDL Truck Driver Education Training School and Institute in Tucson. is located at 1901 West Copper Street, Tucson AZ 85745 Get your Class A CDL, Class B CDL, Tanker, Hazmat, Passenger Bus, School Bus training today!

Best CDL Training in AZ

Located in the Southwest in Tuscon, AZ; American CDL Driver Training LLC can teach you how to drive truck, bus or RV.

Private Classes

Lifetime job assistance

Cost between $2500 and $3500

You can also get your forklift operators and safety certified by OSHA or be trained to be a flagger.

Class start every 2 weeks

Call us 520-777-5512

Courses in English and Spanish.